Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sisters Oregon

For several years I have organized a girls weekend...for two years we went to the Oregon Coast but last year we went to Bend Oregon. This year we went to Sisters...and no---did not bring out the camera!

I joined Carrie from Cricketwood Prims (she picked me up) and we went to the Stitchin Post for their annual PJ sale. I went last year with Carrie as well. As we were walking up to the store, I noticed a gal whose blog I follow..Lori from Humble Quilts. It was nice to meet someone that I have chatted with for about a year.

Carrie and I did some damage and then went to breakfast at the Gallery. I love the Gallery and had forgotten all about it. Had a great visit with her over breakfast.

Went back to my group of girls and we enjoyed a wonderful, fun filled and much laughter weekend. Am looking forward to next year.

Here is the one photo I took with my cell does not due the view justice.


  1. It's still very beautiful. How nice to meet up with Lori, kinda like running into a celebrity! ;D