Sunday, September 1, 2013

My friend Carrie from Cricketwood Prims and Garden was in Portland yesterday and wanted to go to Pioneer Quilts in Happy Valley Pioneer Quilts as I have been telling her about this quilt store for some time.  We made it in there - me, with just two purchases, her - several.  :o)  Then we ventured to Holly Hill Quilt store in West Linn Holly Hill Quilts.  My purchases were a bit more as I finally found more fabric to use for my "Flowers" quilt that she, Lori  - Humble Quilts and I are going to do. 

These are from Pioneer Quilts -

And these are from Holly Hill

And lastly, my son is starting his senior year in high school and I found this for when he leaves home and goes off to college...I will bolt it down to his computer so he will always see it.  :o)

It was a fun day and then we ended our evening with dinner at Oswego Grill in Lake Oswego.  Happy Day.