Sunday, August 21, 2011

Run Girl Run 5k & 1/2 Marathon

I had a goal to train to run a 5K this year. I started out well but did not make the running goal, however I did walk the 5 K with two of my friends. Both friends have endeared health issues this past year so seeing them walk this and finish was absolutely amazing. Janice ended up jogging a bit and finished in just under an hour and Dawn and I finished in just over 1 hour, thirty minutes better than I had hoped.

Lastly, I got to see a friend that I had not seen in about 6 years, Donna. Such a great friend.

A great day was had by all and I am amazed at all the women who can run a 1/2 feet are killing me from just walking a 5K!~


Janice has endeared surgery in March to remove a brain tumor and has dealt with balance issues, so being able to walk this and run some of it was amazing!

Watching Dawn finish brought tears to not only her eyes but mine as well. Last year she almost passed away from a serious illness and has been walking for the past 8 or so months to get her strength back. Knowing that she finished, with her family there to cheer her on just makes me so very happy even though we were the last walkers in the 5K.

I will post some pictures as soon as people post them, but it was a great way to start a beautiful sunny Sunday morning in the Pacific NW!

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