Friday, December 28, 2012

I hope everyone had a good Christmas.  Trying to decide when to take down the decorations.  Most likely will wait til New Years Day.

I am going to be prepping two projects to work on this year.  I say year as it will most likely take me that long to complete them.  I have to find some back ground fabric today and the rest will be done with wool.

The first one is:  Flowers From My Garden.  The pattern shows four different color versions so that you can see how different it can look.  I got this pattern from Pioneer Quilts in Clackamas Or.  I would never have given this pattern a look had I not been taking a class and saw this done up in two different color variations.  I was hooked and had to have it.  And I cant get it to rotate, so just turn to your right.  LOL

The other is Humble Farms that I got from Wild Hare Fiber - my bestie, Cathy Ware owns the online shop and I love the patterns she gets in.  I also like that she listens to my input of what patterns may do well at the quilt shows.  She had done her sample with a wool background but I am going to do it in Cotton and the rest in Wool. 

Anna from is prepping the Crow pattern from a magazine that we get.  I think she has inspired me to make this as well as I have been looking at it for some time.

Enjoy your Friday and I am curious to know what you will be working on this coming year.

Lori from has asked what our fitness goals are this year.  Mine is to definately WALK two to three half marathons in 2013 .  I belong to a local walking group and will try to do some running to improve my time and fitness.  The first one I hope to do is the Rock n River 1/2 marathon in Reno, NV on May 5th..just waiting for the registration to open and the 2nd one will be the Happy Girls Half in Bend, OR on Memorial Weekend.  I have already signed up for a 10 K that will be in March that is in downtown Portland.  I will get out tomorrow and hope to walk 5 miles or so.

My other goal is to try snow shoeing.  My husband and I went shopping yesterday and I found some light weight snow boots from the Columbia outlet that I think will work.  Just want to rent some snow shoes before I take the plunge to purchase some.

Other fitness goals will be to do some hiking in the Mt. Hood National Forest this coming year, so will see how things go.

Again, have a great day.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.  My blogging goal this coming year is to get my name out there and blog more. 

I found this Maggie Bonanomi (sp) pattern at a fabric sale and made if for my mom.  I now need to make one for me and will turn it into a wall hanging.

It is cold, raining and windy here today and I am trying to get the gumption up to head to downtown Portland to meet a friend to go walking.  Ugh...that is another walk no matter the weather.  I don't mind, just need to find my Smart Wool Phd socks.

Hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving.  I will be dropping the boy off at his school for football practice....yes..they are practicing today, just like last year, which means...they are in the 3rd round of football playoffs..  I will then head out for a long walk in downtown Portland with a good friend...Then it will be time to head home, relax and then we head out to my brother in laws for dinner...sadly, there will not be a football game on while we are there for dinner, BUT...I did see that they will be re=playing the Thanksgiving Day parade...which I am thankful for as I normally watch this every year in the morning...but with going for a long walk, I was giving that up.

I am working on a Maggie Bonomanomi (sp) pattern for a Christmas gift and should be able to get it done today.

Have wonderful holiday.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Today I went to a quilt guilds Holiday Stash sale...I am thrilled at what I got for $24.00...7 yards of fabric (my cell does not take the best pictures) three patterns and some thread.  I forgot to include the thread in the photo.  Some of the fabric is homespun, others are linen or cotton...GREAT for back ground/bases.  Then my good friend had her wool booth there and I had asked for some scraps in various colors.  When I got home, I found two fat quarters, 6 fat eights and numerous 7x7 or 8x8's...ALL FOR FREE!  Cathy at is wonderful.  Again, my cell phone does not take the best pictures as the yellows and greens are pretty bright.  I found two more patterns for $9.00.  Once is a Maggie Bonanomi and the other is a block of the month that was created by a quilt store that is no longer in business....can you say SCORE?  I feel so lucky and so blessed for my finds and gift today.

Now I am watching football and am going to go in and try to finish up my Threads That Bind Santa doll.  Enjoy your Saturday evening.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Free Give away

I have not posted anything since April.  I find that I am more of a quilt blog stalker rather than a poster but I need to change that.

My friend, whom I met thru blog land, Anna of lives in Bend, Or and just got back from a wonderful trip to Paris to visit a quilt show with other quilters from around the world.  She is having a give away.  (not sure how to input her link here...)  but she is woolie mammoth and is an EXCELLENT blogger.

Go visit.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The count down is on....

My friend hand dyes wool and I help her out when I can.  We decided to try to find a place to "vendor" at the Sisters Quilt show this year but did not have any she decided to open a shop for the month of July...up!  Wild Hare Fiber will have its own shop in Sisters.  I will be helping her as much as I can and am looking forward to spending about 15 days in Bend and Sisters with her.

So....the count down begins...many hours of sample making, kits being put together, cutting and bundling wool.  Will try to take pictures along the will be a lot of work but so much fun...we will be staying in a Condo in Bend and we CANNOT WAIT!!!

She will also be getting her online shop up and running and you too can see the beautiful wool that she is dying and will be able to purchase most things from her. is her site and her name is Cathy Ware...she is amazing.  She is in the beginning stages of also creating her own patterns too!  Fun, fun, fun!

So...will keep you updated as we begin our count down.....


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wild Hare Fiber at Stitches in Bloom

Spent Saturday in Silverton Oregon at the quilt show helping my friend with her booth. She had a lecture at 11:30 and I finally got there at 11:10! Oy...Her booth was very busy ALL DAY LONG...I was so impressed...she was there on Friday with her husband and she said they had a steady pace...but nothing like yesterday. Love all of her hand dyed wool and I enjoyed talking to ladies who either have worked with wool in the past or those that have wanted to...what a great day.

Looking forward to helping her at other shows this year!

It is raining here today so I have been pretty quiet. I am trying to finish WIP's..I have four going that I know of...and know where everything is...going to get them done before I start on another is my hope..but I got a pattern yesterday from Cathy and may need to cut and prep all the pieces...she showed me the pattern last month and I was not impressed..until I saw the sample at the show...but didn't take a picture of it.

My husband has made some chicken tortilla soup today. He got the recipe from a looks good, so cross our fingers that it will be. I am a fan of Red Robins Tortilla soup and have not found anything similar.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pink Lemonade

Last week I had to go to Fabric Depot to purchase some pink fabric to make "Pink Lemonade" as I don't have any pink in my stash...s9 today, after one football game, I went to took be about 5 hours to complete six blocks...The blue ones don't all meet on point, but I don't care..I am not ripping them apart and trying again....did that too many times today already...I like the color choices and maybe tomorrow I will work on step 2 that Lori from Humble quilts has provided.

Hand Dyed Wool

Spent the day with my friend, Cathy, yesterday preparing wool for her next quilt show. Was a great afternoon visiting with her and DROOLING OVER ALL THE WOOL....She gave me a goodie basket with some patterns and wool! Look at the wool.

If you are in Oregon, she will be at the Stitches in Bloom Quilt show on January 27 and 28th. I will be helping her on the 28th. Come help support her! She will have a website up soon that is: Cannot wait til its up.