Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wild Hare Fiber at Stitches in Bloom

Spent Saturday in Silverton Oregon at the quilt show helping my friend with her booth. She had a lecture at 11:30 and I finally got there at 11:10! Oy...Her booth was very busy ALL DAY LONG...I was so impressed...she was there on Friday with her husband and she said they had a steady pace...but nothing like yesterday. Love all of her hand dyed wool and I enjoyed talking to ladies who either have worked with wool in the past or those that have wanted to...what a great day.

Looking forward to helping her at other shows this year!

It is raining here today so I have been pretty quiet. I am trying to finish WIP's..I have four going that I know of...and know where everything is...going to get them done before I start on another is my hope..but I got a pattern yesterday from Cathy and may need to cut and prep all the pieces...she showed me the pattern last month and I was not impressed..until I saw the sample at the show...but didn't take a picture of it.

My husband has made some chicken tortilla soup today. He got the recipe from a looks good, so cross our fingers that it will be. I am a fan of Red Robins Tortilla soup and have not found anything similar.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pink Lemonade

Last week I had to go to Fabric Depot to purchase some pink fabric to make "Pink Lemonade" as I don't have any pink in my stash...s9 today, after one football game, I went to took be about 5 hours to complete six blocks...The blue ones don't all meet on point, but I don't care..I am not ripping them apart and trying again....did that too many times today already...I like the color choices and maybe tomorrow I will work on step 2 that Lori from Humble quilts has provided.

Hand Dyed Wool

Spent the day with my friend, Cathy, yesterday preparing wool for her next quilt show. Was a great afternoon visiting with her and DROOLING OVER ALL THE WOOL....She gave me a goodie basket with some patterns and wool! Look at the wool.

If you are in Oregon, she will be at the Stitches in Bloom Quilt show on January 27 and 28th. I will be helping her on the 28th. Come help support her! She will have a website up soon that is: Cannot wait til its up.