Sunday, December 11, 2011

Porltand's 2nd Annual Holiday Half & 5K

Did a 5K in August - walked it with a friend and came home and decided to do another. My goal was to run in entirely, but I never trained for today's came around and it was COLD OUTSIDE...but 4 degrees warmer than yesterday...THANK THE LORD for that...but Janice and I did it. I walked and ran it, but walked more to stay with I think if I had tried to run any more than I did, they' d be taking me out on a stretcher...BUT...I improved my time by 10 minutes from August so I was happy....a bit numb...and still numb but very happy...I do know that I need to buy some winterized running pants and some wool sox and did I mention that I am still numb...I got done two hours ago...was a lot of fun and am looking forward to a training club that I will start in January and my goal is to run the 5K Girl Friends run in Bend Oregon On May 27th!


  1. Good for you Michelle, sounds like a good day!

  2. Hi Michelle
    I followed you over here from Lori's blog and I think the two of you must be passing each other on the street! She and I have been encouraging each other in our running for about a year now. Happy to find another Pacific Northwest connection.