Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Fabric and first quilt squares

I have loved fabric for a very long time and have been collecting quilt patterns for many years. Yesterday I picked out a pattern that I liked and headed to the quilt store for some fabrics. My original color selection soon vanished once I found these wonderful combinations in red, brown and gold tones. LOVE THEM. Now, once I finish my first ever quilt, then I will start on this one. Here are some pictures of the new fabric and some of the 9 block quilt squares in various shades of yellow and green. Let me tell you that these are not my first choice of colors because they are the colors of the Oregon Ducks, however, as a mother, one must make sacrafices for their one and only child. Since he is a fan of them aweful ducks, thought I would make him a quilt in their color! Once I am done, I will post the final product.