Friday, December 28, 2012

I hope everyone had a good Christmas.  Trying to decide when to take down the decorations.  Most likely will wait til New Years Day.

I am going to be prepping two projects to work on this year.  I say year as it will most likely take me that long to complete them.  I have to find some back ground fabric today and the rest will be done with wool.

The first one is:  Flowers From My Garden.  The pattern shows four different color versions so that you can see how different it can look.  I got this pattern from Pioneer Quilts in Clackamas Or.  I would never have given this pattern a look had I not been taking a class and saw this done up in two different color variations.  I was hooked and had to have it.  And I cant get it to rotate, so just turn to your right.  LOL

The other is Humble Farms that I got from Wild Hare Fiber - my bestie, Cathy Ware owns the online shop and I love the patterns she gets in.  I also like that she listens to my input of what patterns may do well at the quilt shows.  She had done her sample with a wool background but I am going to do it in Cotton and the rest in Wool. 

Anna from is prepping the Crow pattern from a magazine that we get.  I think she has inspired me to make this as well as I have been looking at it for some time.

Enjoy your Friday and I am curious to know what you will be working on this coming year.

Lori from has asked what our fitness goals are this year.  Mine is to definately WALK two to three half marathons in 2013 .  I belong to a local walking group and will try to do some running to improve my time and fitness.  The first one I hope to do is the Rock n River 1/2 marathon in Reno, NV on May 5th..just waiting for the registration to open and the 2nd one will be the Happy Girls Half in Bend, OR on Memorial Weekend.  I have already signed up for a 10 K that will be in March that is in downtown Portland.  I will get out tomorrow and hope to walk 5 miles or so.

My other goal is to try snow shoeing.  My husband and I went shopping yesterday and I found some light weight snow boots from the Columbia outlet that I think will work.  Just want to rent some snow shoes before I take the plunge to purchase some.

Other fitness goals will be to do some hiking in the Mt. Hood National Forest this coming year, so will see how things go.

Again, have a great day.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.  My blogging goal this coming year is to get my name out there and blog more. 

I found this Maggie Bonanomi (sp) pattern at a fabric sale and made if for my mom.  I now need to make one for me and will turn it into a wall hanging.

It is cold, raining and windy here today and I am trying to get the gumption up to head to downtown Portland to meet a friend to go walking.  Ugh...that is another walk no matter the weather.  I don't mind, just need to find my Smart Wool Phd socks.

Hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas.