Friday, April 30, 2010

Finally finished

So, either ten or eleven years ago (cannot remember) I started my college career in hopes that I could finish my bachelors program in roughly five - six years. Well...I did finish, in eight or nine and then today I finished all of my requirements to obtain my M.A.T (Masters in Art and Teaching) I am thrilled to be finished and will walk across the stage in a week to graciously accept my dipolma.

I am thrilled to be done, yet a bit anxious, however, I do know that I am going to start some quilt projects. Found a new wool pattern by Deborah Busby of Wooden Spool Designs and then I also found a wall hanging that is part embroidery and part quilting. My husband and I will be taking a few days of vacation next month, so I hope to have some "hand" work to keep me busy. I will definitely post when I am done.

I will really feel that I am done with school once Sunday afternoon rolls around as for the past seven years, I always did my homework on Sundays. Whew.

Here is to a wonderful and relaxing weekend!



  1. Congratulations! Now you can claim Sundays for crafting, hooray!

  2. Congratulations Michelle, I am so happy for you. You finished!! Celebrate, this moment is definitely one you will cherish.
    Enjoy some time together on vacation. Look forward to seeing your projects.

  3. Hey Michelle
    I left you a comment on my blog and here is my answer in case you see this one first :-)
    Hi Michelle - Aunt Bee's is located on South Commercial where Spencer's Alley was before - 2673 Commercial Street S.E., Salem, OR 97302 Tel:503-585-9749 . Don't forget to stop at the Girl's Back Porch too. Aunt Bee's opens at 10am (sometimes a little earlier) and the Girl's Back Porch opens at 11am .
    Have fun tomorrow.