Monday, February 8, 2010

Wool designer!

I was at my local quilt store yesterday for their sale and I was mulling around the wool display and looked over to my left and saw a lady that I recognized from her blog. Deborah Busby from Wooden Spools Designs at She is the creator of many of the wonderful wool designs that I absolutely love. I introduced myself and stated how I love, love, love her patterns.

My girlfriend was in the shop just about an hour prior to I had a fun time texting her telling her that I met Deborah! What a great thing!



  1. How fun Michelle, I hope you found some goodies while shopping.

  2. Well, of course I did, but I was good! No time to do anything right now though!

  3. Michelle...You live in one of my favorite cities..I have lots of family in Portland...What shop were you at??? I may want to visit it next time I am up visiting my daughter...:) JAM

  4. JoAnn, I was at Holly Hill Quilt store in West Linn. I just went into Pioneer quilt store on Wednesday and was talking to the ladies and has asked if they ever got your book in...they said yes and that you had a daughter that lived in Tigard. I was in there in January I believe and asked them at that time about your book and gave them the name. I am just glad they got it in!

    I hope to hear that you may be in that area again and in the shop...I am hoping to start my crazy quilt soon.