Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Graduation is complete

This past Saturday was my graduation from college. There were so many people and it was so hot in there that we didn't get many pictures..the ones my mom did take are attached...I was pretty hot, so I had was ready to take that polyester gown off..it was already unzipped, so sorry about that. As a graduate with a M.A.T degree, our "hood" was light blue..very pretty actually and I am not a blue fan. It is a great relief to have that diploma in hand and know that I am done..now to the hard part..finding a job!

On the good side, I have finished a small sewing project for a friend of my moms that is coming to the states today from Denmark. I did not take a pic before wrapping it, but it is a simple wool pin cushion from Primative Gatherings design. It has a sheep on the front. I loved doing it and learned things as I did it last night...

Off to enjoy the day..the week promises high temps in the 70's! Wahoooo

Lunch tomorrow with a dear friend to celebrate my birthday as well.



  1. Congratulations Graduate!!
    My birthday is the 12th also, although I think I'm a few years earlier than you:)

  2. I am so proud of you and excited too! You are going to make it happen, I know because you have done the hardest part.

    Take a picture of the pin when you get a chance.

    Happy Birthday, this is a good month for a birthday.
    Big hugs, Carrie