Saturday, November 17, 2012

Today I went to a quilt guilds Holiday Stash sale...I am thrilled at what I got for $24.00...7 yards of fabric (my cell does not take the best pictures) three patterns and some thread.  I forgot to include the thread in the photo.  Some of the fabric is homespun, others are linen or cotton...GREAT for back ground/bases.  Then my good friend had her wool booth there and I had asked for some scraps in various colors.  When I got home, I found two fat quarters, 6 fat eights and numerous 7x7 or 8x8's...ALL FOR FREE!  Cathy at is wonderful.  Again, my cell phone does not take the best pictures as the yellows and greens are pretty bright.  I found two more patterns for $9.00.  Once is a Maggie Bonanomi and the other is a block of the month that was created by a quilt store that is no longer in business....can you say SCORE?  I feel so lucky and so blessed for my finds and gift today.

Now I am watching football and am going to go in and try to finish up my Threads That Bind Santa doll.  Enjoy your Saturday evening.


  1. Nice shopping for sure Michelle. Enjoy your new wools, they look wonderful. Still waiting on the date, sounds like a Thursday though, hmmmm, that might not work for us.

  2. well...if its a Thursday, maybe its when I am on vacation? I am off the week between xmas and new years..or maybe I can take it off....let me know.