Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving.  I will be dropping the boy off at his school for football practice....yes..they are practicing today, just like last year, which means...they are in the 3rd round of football playoffs..  I will then head out for a long walk in downtown Portland with a good friend...Then it will be time to head home, relax and then we head out to my brother in laws for dinner...sadly, there will not be a football game on while we are there for dinner, BUT...I did see that they will be re=playing the Thanksgiving Day parade...which I am thankful for as I normally watch this every year in the morning...but with going for a long walk, I was giving that up.

I am working on a Maggie Bonomanomi (sp) pattern for a Christmas gift and should be able to get it done today.

Have wonderful holiday.


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