Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Do you Zumba? And no much sewing....

I finally put in my first Zumba DVD..  Oy vie...I was only able to get thru 4 "dances" and one of them I barely did the moves...I just moved...I am very uncoordinated and thankful that no one can see in my basement.  I am slow at this but I can see how fun it will be and let me tell really does work all parts of your body.  We will see how I feel tomorrow.  I took today off from walking as my body has been hurting.  Will get back to it tomorrow.  I walk on my morning break for 15 minutes and then have been trying to walk 2 + miles at lunch.  I need to return something at the mall so maybe I will walk up there tomorrow to do so.

Little tracing and cutting has been going on.  I am working on the first pattern I posted in my last post.  I have a hard time putting colors together and need to see samples to choose something.  I have the stems and leaves yet to cut out and that is the color I am having a hard time choosing.  I went to Pioneer Quilts on Sunday looking for just the right color of wool and didn't have any luck.  I did find two more blues to add to my stash and think I will just settle on forest green.

Looking forward to getting to know our neighbors on Stitchen by the lakes blog.

Happy Wednesday....busy weekend ahead.  Taking my high schooler to a baseball camp at Oregon State University this weekend.  I must get some hand work tacked down so I can pass the time.



  1. Just greeting my neighbor from Stitchin By the Lake and I really enjoyed my visit to your blog. Haven't tried Zumba yet...too much for my old bones...more like Yoga for me. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Martha. I think Yoga may be good for me too.