Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I have only done one posting and one of my simple goals to to try to post a few times per month. I am still trying to figure this thing out. I do not know how to change my template or to get the cute templates, so need to figure that out.

Christmas was came and went. I have yet to upload photos of my tree. Didnt get all of my projects done, but the ones I did, the people enjoyed them.

One more week off until I start my 15 weeks of student teaching. This is what I have dreamed of since I was 8 years old. I have been volunteering in the 5/6 classroom that I will be placed in for five weeks, one day per week and have enjoyed it. The days seem to fly by! So much to do and so little time.

I just purchased my first "basic" sewing machine. Its nothing fancy, but it will do. Its a Kenmore. My mom has had one for approximately 42+ years and it works great. The one that I have used for almost 30 years was my grandmother old Montgomery Wards machine. It is a horse, but not portable. I will attempt to post pictures this week. Right now, I am working on finishing one of my last class presentations and lesson plans for my last class which I Monday. I have most of the power point done and have the lessons plans outlined in my notebook, just need to type them up......will get that done this weekend between four basketball games that my son is playing in and my trip to my favorite local quilt shop...
Love them!

I hope that all of you have a great New Years day. I am currently listening to my husband and son watch the Rose Bowl. They are rooting for the Oregon Ducks and since I do not like that team, I am rooting for Ohio State...LOL..

Oh well.

Happy New Year

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  1. could Beaver fan! Well we both lost our bowl games, we enjoyed watching Boise State win last night.
    Good luck on your student teaching, you'll be great!!
    Good to hear you are enjoying a new machine and your quilting. Your template is one of my favorites!!
    Happy New Year!